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June Virtual Membership Meeting: Dunlins
Tuesday 01 June 2021, 07:30pm
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Topic: Dunlins
Presenter: Lara Tseng

June’s membership meeting is not to be missed if you want to learn about Dunlins, world geography, and a chance to witness the rise of a future ornithologist. Lara Tseng has long been captivated by Dunlins and her interest was heightened after attending a talk by Jon Dunn on Calidris sandpipers in the fall of 2020. In particular, she was amazed that our local wintering Dunlins here (pacifica), the largest subspecies, could be the same species as the tiny little Dunlin (arctica) Jon described breeding in northeast Greenland.

She will share with us her ongoing investigation into the ten subspecies of Dunlins, which are circumpolar during the breeding season. They vary greatly in size, plumage and molt strategies.

Lara Tseng is an avid 14-year-old birdwatcher from Orange County, California. She has a passion for science and birds and hopes to become an ornithologist in the future. She has volunteered for the Cavity Conservation Initiative, Tree Care for Birds and Other Wildlife, Sea & Sage Audubon, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, along with other environment-related organizations. Lara is also a Western Field Ornithologist Student Advisor and a bluebird nestbox monitor. She has published articles in Western Field Ornithologists Newsletter, North American Bluebird Society’s Bluebird journal, and California Bluebird Recovery Program’s Bluebirds Fly! Newsletter. Lara has done a study on the timing and amount of eggshell consumption in Western Bluebirds and has written a manuscript on that research which is currently accepted pending presentation changes to the Journal of Emerging Investigators.

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