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cedar_waxwing_2006_webAlameda County and the rest of the Bay Area are home to a rich diversity of wildlife.  From the Sunol and Ohlone Regional Wilderness areas that support the highest density of golden eagle breeding pairs in North America to San Francisco Bay’s shorelines and tidal wetlands that support millions of shorebirds, countless other birds and wildlife species rely year-round on our native habitats. 


There are continual threats of development and conversion of these habitats.  The Ohlone Audubon Society is actively involved in addressing these issues at the local level to save our local wetlands, streams and other wildlife habitats.


If you are intersted in how you can be involved to help conserve these habitats, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Ohlone Audubon Conservation Chair.


More information on current conservation efforts can be found by following the links below:


Eastern Alameda County Conservation Issues


Southern Alameda County Conservation Issues



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