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Join others who appreciate and work for the conservation of our natural world!  Become a member today for only $25!


Membership can be paid via check or online using our secure PayPal account. 


You will receive these benefits with your annual membership:


  • Participate in field trips and other activities sponsored by Ohlone Audubon Society
  • Enjoy monthly programs on birds and the environment, ten meetings a year
  • Vote on important issues that come before the Ohlone Audubon Society membership
  • The Kite Call, with news and announcements of local interest, including field trips, bird sightings and conservation programs; eight issues.
  • Joining Ohlone Audubon Society offers you opportunities to participate in:
  • Christmas Bird Count
  • Ohlone Audubon Birdathon
  • Habitat enhancement and restoration
  • Your membership will help Ohlone Audubon Society continue its efforts to preserve our local wildlife habitat and provide Audubon Adventures for children in 3rd through 5th grades


Become an OAS member and make a difference locally.


Members currently receiving the newsletter must join OAS by the expiration date on the mailing label to continue their OAS membership. For example, if your label currently reads “rnp 8/20” you will have to join Ohlone before August 2020 or you will be deleted from our mailings and as an Ohlone member.


To renew or send new membership dues through PayPal, please visit our Donation page and indicate your donation is for Membership in the comments section.  If you are donating more than the membership dues please indicate that in the comments section as well.  


Please note: We cannot forward membership dues for National Audubon Society and you must donate directly with them.  


If you wish to send a check for membership dues please send to the Membership Chair, Pat Gordon, at1922 Hillsdale St. Hayward CA 94541



We thank you for your support. —Pat Gordon, Membership Chair, membership AT ohloneaudubon.org


Have problems or questions about how to donate online?  Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by clicking on the link or emailing webmaster AT ohloneaudubon.org 


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