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January Membership Virtual Meeting: OMG - Is that a new species?
Tuesday 05 January 2021, 07:30pm
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Topic: OMG - Is that a new species? 
Presenter: Alvaro Jaramillo

Location: Online Video Conference Via Zoom


To start the new year, one of our favorite speakers, Alvaro Jaramillo, will speak to us about his experience in defining a new bird species, from various “splits” of species to the description of a brand new species.

Alvaro will tell you some stories about these birds that he has worked on, and in the process will give a better understanding of how all of this taxonomy stuff actually happens. Alvaro will share and answer some of the questions commonly pondered as a birder and as a biologist about new species through his experience last year in the Salton Sea with a new species of Burrowing Owls, which all started with the difference in voice. Why voice, why does this matter, don’t bird voices vary? What does voice actually tell you? He assures us that biologists don’t make these changes just to sell more field guides or to annoy the public. And that amateurs and citizen scientists have the potential to actually aid in making scientific discoveries. With a little training many people could do this, and hopefully after this talk, you will see how valuable some of the birding information you gather is, and in the end how it not only affects science but conservation.

Alvaro Jaramillo is a biologist, author, and a bird guide. He was born in Chile but began birding in Toronto, Canada, where he lived as a youth. He was trained in ecology and evolution with a particular interest in bird behavior. An expert on the birds of California and North America, he is the author of three books: The Birds of Chile, New World Blackbirds, and the ABA Field Guides to the Birds of California and a contributor to numerous field guides and popular publications, including the “Identify Yourself” column in BirdWatchers’ Digest. Recently, he received the Eisenmann Medal of the Linnaean Society of New York, established to honor those who excel in ornithology and encourage the amateur. Alvaro runs a birding and nature tour company, Alvaro’s Adventures, where the focus is to have fun, learn a thing or two and just enjoy birds and nature. Alvaro lives in Half Moon Bay, California with his family.



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