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Christmas Bird Count

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2016 Eastern Alameda County CBC


The Christmas Bird Count is an annual nationwide volunteer-based bird survey effort coordinated by the Audubon Society to promote bird conservation and assess long-term trends in winter bird populations. In the largest citizen science effort in the world, tens of thousands of volunteer birders and scientists armed with binoculars, bird guides and checklists will take part in Christmas bird counts throughout the Americas from mid-December through early January. Audubon and other organizations use data collected in this longest-running wildlife census to assess the health of bird populations and to help guide conservation actions.  


The Ohlone Audubon Society has been completing the Hayward-Fremont CBC since 1967.  The count area is very rich in avian diversity from the salt marsh habitats of the Hayward hills, Fremont's wetlands to the south, and all the parks and canyons in between.


In 2009, Rich Cimino and Jeff Miller organized the first ever Eastern Alameda County CBC.  The count area is in the vicinity of Sunol, Pleasanton and Livermore, and includes five East Bay Regional Parks, significant San Francisco watershed lands, and birding hotspots such as lower Mines Road, Sunol Wilderness, Del Valle Reservoir, and the Springtown area in Livermore. You can view a summary of 2009-2014 bird count data for eastern Alameda County by clicking on the link. More than 2 million individual birds counted in 6 years, of 177 different species.


Each count day culminates with a festive dinner where final counts are tallied and stories exchanged about rare bird sightings and locations. Local CBC data, sent to the National Audubon Society, are a crucial part of this country's natural history monitoring database provide valuable insight into the past and present status and health of continental bird populations and the general health of our environment. Recent and historical CBC results are available on the National Audubon Society's website.


You can now access the count at: http://netapp.audubon.org/CBCObservation/CurrentYear/resultsByCount.aspx. Just click on the country and state and add our codes: cahf or caea.




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As you may know, Audubon is moving to digital delivery of the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) results rather than printing and mailing American Birds, the CBC summary, to participants.  In its place, Audubon will be producing a quarterly citizen science eNewsletter which will contain the results of all our Citizen Science programs, including the articles and summaries that previously were distributed in the printed CBC summary editions of American Birds.


If you would like to receive this citizen science eNewsletter, you must sign up online at www.audubon.org/citizenscience by entering your email address just to the right of "Want to keep up with Citizen Science?"  If you have already signed up to receive the new Citizen Science eNewsletter, many thanks--you will receive the first issue of American Birds online next week.


Joining Audubon's online citizen science network ensures you will receive updates on the latest research results, reports from Audubon scientists, and quarterly notification about count summaries posted online.  In addition, you will learn about other citizen science programs and opportunities that may interest you. Please take a moment to sign up now and also to share this information with others who may find it of interest.




Hayward-Fremont 2016 Count Details


Join us for the 117th National Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Please come out again this year and participate in this worthwhile Citizen Science. Last year we had an incredible day: 175 species and 88 participants. Our count area is a 15 mile diameter circle centered at Hwy 880 and Whipple. Many good birds were found last year, including a Vesper Sparrow, White-winged Scoter, Townsend‘s Solitaire, Red-necked Grebe and a Yellow Warbler. We hope for a return of Acorn Woodpeckers and Pine Siskins to our count circle. Shorebirds? Come help us set the nation‘s record again for Dunlin or Black-bellied Plovers or Willets or Marbled Godwits!


We need your help to be successful once more. Remember that this is Citizen Science of the highest degree. Our leaders and participants really came through last year and we hope for a repeat performance. Everyone‘s help is invaluable and is greatly appreciated. Remember that there is no longer a participant fee and the post count dinner is free and delicious! It must be stressed that our success in securing the important, basic ―scientific accuracy of the count hinges on coverage and consistency (participants - you!). The count benefits from the participation of each person who carries out the necessary jobs from recording data, returning borrowed keys, helping with the dinner or just being out there! All are welcome and very much needed.  The American Birds e-Newsletter with final results from the 116th CBC will be sent out in mid-November. 


Hayward-Fremont CBC Pre-Count Meeting: 
There will be a precount meeting at the home of Pat and Phil Gordon. All are welcome, especially new participants and leaders. It‘s a good time to meet the leaders, pick your area, and share the latest bird information. Meet Friday, December 2, 7:30 PM. at 1922 Hillsdale Street, which is northeast off the upper end of E Street in Hayward. It is very helpful, but not mandatory, to attend this meeting to participate in the count. If you have questions, contact the compilers at PAGPEG AT aol.com or call 510.538.3550. (Please call for directions)


Got a special bird at your feeder? Want to stay in (and warm) on December 18? Please count birds at your feeder and submit data to pagpeg AT aol.com , with species and numbers seen. Include hours watched. This data is very important also. You can check with us to determine if your feeder is in the count circle. (Phil and Pat Gordon, pagpeg AT aol.com or 510-538-3550)




Eastern Alameda County 2016 Count Details


Join the Alameda Creek Alliance and Ohlone Audubon Society for the 7th annual Eastern Alameda Christmas Bird Count, to be held on
Friday, December 16. The Eastern Alameda County count circle is in the vicinity of the towns of Sunol, Pleasanton and Livermore, and includes five East Bay Regional Parks, significant San Francisco Public Utilities Commission watershed lands, and exciting East Bay birding hotspots such as lower Mines Road, Sunol Wilderness, Calaveras Reservoir, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Sycamore Grove Park and Springtown Preserve. Birders and volunteers with any level of experience can participate in the Christmas Bird Count. The count is coordinated with the East Bay Regional Park District, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Livermore Area Recreation & Park District, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab, to provide maximum access to significant bird habitats within the count circle.

The post-count dinner will be held at Mountain Mike's Pizza in Pleasanton on Sunol Blvd. just E of 680. (Note change)

To sign up or for more information, please contact Rich Cimino at Yellowbilledtours AT gmail.com or (925) 353-0266




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